Healthy water consumption

How much should the daily water consumption be?

Our lives have an intense tempo. While we are busy and sleep irregularly, have an unbalanced diet; we tend to forget our most basic needs such as drinking enough water that support us to keep up with all the rush.
Here you can find some tips on water drinking habits and details you need to pay attention to.

What to do?

Remind yourself to take a moment to drink water during the day by setting an alarm on your phone, writing it down on your calendar or by using a water-consumption tracking app.


To turn healthier and essential activities such as drinking water into a habit that plays a big role in your daily life, you need to remind yourself to take action.


Dehydration is a problem that occurs when the body is not able to take in the amount of fluid it needs.
If not prevented, extremely serious diseases can occur as a consequence.
Fortunately, severe dehydration is extremely rare.
However, it is extremely important to know the symptoms of mild, moderate and severe dehydration and to take precautions.

What are the Symptoms of Dehydration?

Infants, young children and elderly people are particularly vulnerable to dehydration. However, everyone, regardless of age, may wonder if they are experiencing dehydration.Consider the chart for the most common symptoms of mild to moderate dehydration.

What Should You Do to Prevent Dehydration?

Being aware of the risk and taking action, means you are halfway in there. You should drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated and maintain adequate hydration.
If you experience excessive sweating due to air temperature or strenuous exercise, you should be sure to regain your lost fluids and consume fluid in this direction.

Which Situations Are Riskier?

If anyone you care for or you experience problems such as; extremely dark urine color or darker than that or no urination at all, pits around the eyes, extreme thirst, moodiness, sleepiness, drowsiness and confusion, you should contact your doctor immediately.

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